Stability Balls Have

Proven Benefits for Students!

  • Improves postures

  • Enhances attention and concentration

  • Promotes learning through movement

  • Incorporates wellness into the classroom

  • Allows for “active sitting”

  • Improves blood flow to all parts of the body

  • Strengthens core muscles

Wellness-Based Curriculum Package

  • Personalized training from WittFitt staff
  • Teacher Manual-students ‘earn’ their ball through a series of lessons (Spanish available)
  • WittFitt Connection (online resource) includes:  data collection ideas/forms, printables, templates, charts, award certificates and more
  • Ongoing support/assistance from WittFitt staff

WittFitt Stability Balls

  • Designed for classroom use
  • Cost-effective compared to other similar products
  • Latex-free
  • Feet keep the ball in place/easy storage
  • Highest quality Italian resin materials
  • Thick, durable & firm

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