Grant Application Templates

WittFitt’s experience with raising funding for schools has led to this compilation of information to assist you with the grant writing process.

You can use what works for your application, and modify to fit your goals and desired products.

Samples of ‘winning’ grant below:

Parent Donation Template

Parents are invested in the best interests of their child’s education, and when given the opportunity and are able, are glad to provide support, either by donation, or helping spread the word.

WittFitt is providing this branded donation form to help your parents participate in the classroom fundraising efforts.

Parent Rental Form Template

Just as parents are asked to pay small rental fees for their child to use and play a musical instrument, for example, this template allows you to collect money each year to add to a special “Movement Fund”.

The funds accumulated over the year are then used to replace old products and/or purchase new as time goes on.

Business Letter Template

There are many organizations looking to support their local communities and educators. How many community-oriented companies do you know?

WittFitt has provided this sample business letter to help with requesting donations from local companies and organizations.