Spring 2020

Dear Friends,

I’m writing this blog for the moms and dads who are raising an amazing, sometimes impossible, child with special needs.

I’m also writing this blog for teachers educating students with unique challenges, or those of you who can relate simply because you’re a parent, and your child is testing you in ways you often cannot handle.

Sometimes we are not always sure how we will survive the day, much less what the future might bring. Always wondering how you could do it better, and maybe thinking we are not enough. Wanting to be validated.  Wanting to share the triumphs that seem so small, but mean everything in your world.  Seeking someone who understands all the emotions you feel on a daily basis.

Now, more than ever, with this pandemic and more unknowns about our coming weeks and months, this seems to be the best time to come together to provide more support.

I hope we can laugh together, cry together, share stories & ideas. This conversation might be messy, but I also believe it will be beautiful. Just like our kids!

Our path is not what we intended, nor is it predictable, but I believe it is the path we are all meant to be on.

~With light & love,

Lisa Witt

Mom of Ian (14), rockin’ his extra chromosome (a.k.a Down Syndrome) & my AMAZING Grace (18!)

p.s. I know many of you have LOTS to say about your life, family & experiences but would rather not post for all to see.  I really get that, so instead PLEASE email me. I really want to hear from YOU!


“What I abhor most about autobiographies are the counterfeit thoughts draped over every sentence.  A writer should never have the audacity to write about themselves unless they’re willing to separate every layer of the protection between the author’s soul and their book.  The words should come directly from the center of the gut, tearing through flesh and bones as it breaks free. Ugly and honest and bloody and a little bit terrifying, but completely exposed.”

Verity by Colleen Hoover