Parents say…

“I can’t say enough good things about this stool! It gives my son the movement he needs, the postural support he needs more of, and a little bit of fun during these isolating days of remote learning. It is adjustable, and I love that it will grow with him. We are very happy with our purchase! Thanks WittFitt!”

“Let’s face it, online learning for most children is tough. It is challenging to sit for long periods of time, especially when you are an active kiddo, trying to focus on a screen.  The HOKKI stool was a game changer for our son (age 6).  He went from being exhausted online to having energy and focus throughout the entire session because he can get the wiggles OUT! We will also be sending it to school with him when they are fully open.  I am telling all my momma friends about it!”

Teachers say…

Students have been using stability ball chairs in my room for ten or so years.  Over the past couple of years, I have been fortunate to add Hokki stools, accordion seating discs, and most recently one standing table to the seating choices in our room.  Students LOVE the standing table.  The standing table allows them to stand and move at the same time.  Students who tend to use the standing table say that they seem to be more focused, more aware of their surroundings, and more engaged with the lessons. They look forward to the chance to use it when they can.  I am so pleased that we have enough optional seats that students are able regulate their bodies and successfully learn each day.”

“The stability ball chairs are working great! The students love them and so do I! The students are able to move without disturbing. We did have an adjustment period while the students were getting used to the fact that they could bounce in their chair. The best thing about them is that I’ve noticed a definite difference in the calmness in the room. By the afternoon, the students are much calmer and on task.  I have been VERY pleased with the ball chairs and the service I’ve received from WiitFitt. I had a defective ball, and a new one was sent to me with no hassle and in a timely manner. I am one satisfied customer!!”

“The stability ball chairs, hokki stools, and seating discs have been a huge success for my classroom.  I have been using ball chairs in my room for ten years and I was so excited to add hokki stools and seating discs in the past few years.  Over the years, I have always had students who need to fidget or move while learning to help their success in the classroom.  By providing students with an alternative seating option, students are able to stay focused more throughout the day and reach their full potential.  I have loved being able to provide students with a variety of seating in my classroom to best fit their needs.  We have multiple ball chairs, hokki stools and seating discs for students to use around the room or at their desks.  My students have never been so excited to choose a chair of their choice that best fits their learning style.  The wiggles are out and we are able to sustain our stamina for optimized learning.  I am very pleased with the product, staff and outcome for my students. “

“I have been really amazed to see the differences that the ball chairs have made in the attention span and focus of some of my middle school students. They are old enough to know that they are really benefiting from the use of the ball chairs.”

“We have decided that at our conference we will only be recommending your company to supply balls to other teachers. They are much better quality and the service we have received has been excellent! Thank you!”

“I have the highest reading and writing scores I have ever had in 15 years of teaching kindergarten  . . .  I believe sitting on the balls and having other brain breaks has contributed to the scores being so high”

“I have found students that struggle to stay seated in typical seating are able to successfully participate in lessons when they can get a little movement from these seating options. The standing desks have also been a huge hit, even with me! I find myself standing at the desk and planning while I kick the bar that swings back and forth. It’s wonderful!”

“I use the Hokki stool and the Zenergy ball in my office.  These have been really helpful when I test students for speech-language skills. Most of the students find that movement during these testing sessions is key to helping them stay focused and alert.  It’s so important that I test students when they are feeling their best, and these seating tools have really made such a difference in my evaluation process!  I love them too for my own personal use (i.e. during long days of report writing at the computer)! ”

“We love all of the options our kids have in the classroom!  We consistently have students using each of the devices, every period.  Every student is different and all of these seating options have enabled us to meet their individual needs for movement while learning.  Students love bringing the Hokki stools to the carpet when we sit in a circle, and the standing desk is another popular one.  Thank you!”

Principals say…

“Students and staff have worked for many years with Lisa Witt at Wittfitt to create flexible and collaborative learning spaces in our classrooms at E. P. Rock Elementary School. Our students benefit from the seats and newly developed standing tables and desks, by improving core strength, posture, and engagement.”

“The WittFitt Stability Balls have made a positive difference at Hackett. Teachers participating in our pilot program have noticed an improvement in behavior, handwriting, and posture. The kids love their new seating and several other staff members, once skeptical, are now clamoring for the balls in their classrooms!”

“The seats have been a great tool for students to use in the classroom when they are having a difficult time focusing. They allow students to add a little (or a lot of) movement to their time in the classroom, which increases their ability to attend to instruction. The chairs have additionally provided a great learning opportunity for advocacy skills. This was unexpected, but it’s awesome to see students recognize that they are struggling and then ask for a different seating device.”

Students say…

“I love the standing table because it gives you a chance to stretch your legs.  Also, I think it is easier to focus, because you have your own space with no one by you.  The kids at school don’t get much exercise unless you have gym. I think everybody should have one in their classroom(or 2).”

“It is awesome having a standing desk!  I can choose if I want to stand or sit to get my work done.  It helps to allow me to move and get some of my energy out.”

The Runtz™ Ball Chair has been endorsed by GEI [a company who identifies the best-designed, most effective classroom products in the world].  These products have been donated by Safco, and have been analyzed by teachers and administrators in school environments where they are incorporated into classroom activities. While in the classroom, these products are subjected to an in-depth analysis that evaluates effectiveness, durability, value and ease of use.

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