Dear Friends,

I’m writing this blog for the moms and dads who are raising an amazing, sometimes impossible, child with special needs.

I’m also writing this blog for teachers educating students with unique challenges, or those of you who can relate simply because you’re a parent, and your child is testing you in ways you often cannot handle.

Sometimes we are not always sure how we will survive the day, much less what the future might bring. Always wondering how you could do it better, and maybe thinking we are not enough. Wanting to be validated.  Wanting to share the triumphs that seem so small, but mean everything in your world.  Seeking someone who understands all the emotions you feel on a daily basis.

Now, more than ever, with this pandemic and more unknowns about our coming weeks and months, this seems to be the best time to come together to provide more support. 

I hope we can laugh together, cry together, share stories & ideas. This conversation might be messy, but I also believe it will be beautiful. Just like our kids!

Our path is not what we intended, nor is it predictable, but I believe it is the path we are all meant to be on.    

~With light & love, 

Lisa Witt

Mom of Ian (14), rockin’ his extra chromosome (a.k.a Down Syndrome) & my AMAZING Grace (almost 18!)

“Not all storms come to disrupt your path,
some come to clear it.”

# 4 : Dear Mom, Love Ian

Ian is still working on composing good sentences, asking appropriate questions and being able to carry on a conversation.  Most kids have this ability in the early elementary years, so often this is challenging for us to not know what he is…

# 3 : Best Birthday EVER!

Sometimes life surprises me, and what I thought would be a bummer due to the pandemic, ends up being the BEST birthday ever!  Ian turned fourteen on April 18th and, like any parent, I wanted to make sure it was special.  As per usual, I…

#2 : Learning at Home

Chad and I were out for a walk when we first learned that school was closing for a few weeks. I can still feel the sick wave that came over me as I thought about having Ian at home ALL DAY! You know that feeling, right?  A mix of the unknown,…

#1: Welcome Ian

Welcome Ian 48 hours old.  Less than 4 pounds.   “So, two things,” the doctor nonchalantly reports,  “Ian needs to have surgery to fix a blockage in his intestines, and you are aware that he has Down Syndrome, right? At that…
About Me

I was born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, I attended Wauwatosa West High School & UW- Madison.  I graduated with a teaching degree, a minor in English, and eventually a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership.  

I followed my passion, spending the next thirteen years educating elementary and middle school students.   I also trained for triathlons and marathons, which led me to meeting my husband, Chad, at his father’s Adult Running Camp in 1996.  We married in 1998 and moved to South Dakota.   

One year later, we found ourselves in the mountains of beautiful Ft Collins, CO.  While teaching 6th grade, I began to incorporate active seating into my classroom.  This led to a new endeavor — WittFitt– my business of fifteen years, with the mission to empower teachers and engage students by incorporating active furniture into classrooms.  

Then 9/11 rocked our world, as it did for many. Chad lost his job at the health club.  We were expecting our first child, so it made sense to head back to the Midwest to be closer to family.  In 2002, in West Des Moines, IA, Grace Suzanne was born. 

In 2005, we made our final move to Hudson, WI.  In 2006, Ian was born.  We could not be happier about where we landed after all of that.  We love Hudson!

Chad and I are lucky enough to be the coaches for Special Olympics Track & Field, and I am Hudson School District’s Special Education Parent Liaison. 

Grace (17) and Ian (14) make life worth living!   We have three crazy cats. In my free time, I love to drink coffee & wine, as well as travel, paddle board, spend time with friends, exercise, and read.

I am currently writing a book about my experiences as my world and perspectives expand through the unexpected joys and challenges of raising Ian.

Lisa Witt

Wife  |  Mother of Two |  Educator |  Entrepreneur |  Special Needs Advocate