WittFitt is starting a MOVEMENT…want to be part of it?!

Considering you have already invested in WittFitt products, you understand the impact of movement in the classroom and I want your help spreading the word!  

The best way for this concept to spread is by teachers like YOU who love WittFitt products and who are passionate about sharing the benefits.  Many of you probably already talk about and share WittFitt with your colleagues already, so why not earn products for your classroom. It’s a WIN-WIN.  

What’s in it for me?

When we receive an order from a teacher you referred to us…you receive a COMPLEMENTARY WittFitt ACTIVE product.  YES, it is that simple!  


  • WittFitt has the opportunity to IMPACT more students
  • YOU gain more active products for your own students to enjoy

Who may participate?

Any educator who has WittFitt products in their classroom currently

How do I participate?

Email us and we will send you all of the information you need to get set-up!