The following products have been endorsed by gei, a company who identifies the best-designed, most effective classroom products in the world.

These products have been donated by Safco, and have been analyzed by teachers and administrators in school environments where they are incorporated into classroom activities. While in the classroom, these products are subjected to an in-depth analysis that evaluates effectiveness, durability, value and ease of use.

Products include:
Runtz & Zenergy Ball Chairs
Alphabetter Desk
Twixt Stools
-Impromptu Lecturn
Rumba Tables




Stability balls do not last and even when we did use them…kids bounced too much and distracted others.

WittFitt Solution:

We only provide high quality stability balls with legs created by the original “Swiss Ball’ company in Italy.  We also provide COMPLIMENTARY education consult, a teacher manual and online Google Docs plus a Power Point Training, so you are able to easily train your students to use the balls properly!



But..don’t just take our word for it…read Meredith’s Blog post about WittFitt


Benefits of sitting on the stability balls in the Classroom:

  • Allows students to bounce and shift when their body needs it
  • Optimizes attention and concentration
  • Releases good chemicals to wake the brain
  • Increases circulation to the body, especially the brain
  • Strengthens core (postural) & back muscle groups
  • Promotes proper posture
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Cost effective- range $30-$43/per ball