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# 4 : Dear Mom, Love Ian

Ian is still working on composing good sentences, asking appropriate questions and being able to carry on a conversation.  Most kids have this ability in the early elementary years, so often this is challenging for us to not know what he is really thinking. Lately when I am frustrated with him, I take a step […]

# 3 : Best Birthday EVER!

Sometimes life surprises me, and what I thought would be a bummer due to the pandemic, ends up being the BEST birthday ever!  Ian turned fourteen on April 18th and, like any parent, I wanted to make sure it was special.  As per usual, I purchased the gifts, planned the meal (ok, we ordered Dominos), […]

#2 : Learning at Home

Chad and I were out for a walk when we first learned that school was closing for a few weeks. I can still feel the sick wave that came over me as I thought about having Ian at home ALL DAY! You know that feeling, right?  A mix of the unknown, paired with a little […]

#1: Welcome Ian

Welcome Ian 48 hours old.  Less than 4 pounds.   “So, two things,” the doctor nonchalantly reports,  “Ian needs to have surgery to fix a blockage in his intestines, and you are aware that he has Down Syndrome, right? At that moment, time stops.  It is so unreal.  My husband, Chad and I are sitting in […]

WittFitt January 2020 Newsletter

Our WittFitt Team is excited to connect with you through our monthly newsletter!  We will share funding ideas, research on movement, highlight a school & spotlight a new product!           ~Lisa Witt Founder/CEO of WittFitt since 2004 CLICK here to read our newsletter

Gannon University Mobile STEM Lab

WittFitt congratulates Gannon for creating an amazing mobile STEM lab that will have the capacity to reach 100’s of students.  Thank you for giving WittFitt the opportunity to be a small part by providing the Hokki seating. GO GANNON! Facebook Post from Gannon University: The Gannon Mobile STEM Lab is a project ten months in […]

How Furniture Can Improve Learning in Education

‘“The tiny movements kids make to stay balanced stimulates their brain and helps them focus” says Dr John Ratey, a professor at Harvard University. “Children with attention disorders have a sleepy cortex and exercise combats that mental disengagement. By using their core muscles, they’re flipping their cortex on and increasing their mental activity. The cerebellum […]

gei Endorsed Products

The following products have been endorsed by gei, a company who identifies the best-designed, most effective classroom products in the world. These products have been donated by Safco, and have been analyzed by teachers and administrators in school environments where they are incorporated into classroom activities. While in the classroom, these products are subjected to […]

Safco at NeoCon 2019

Today’s classrooms are always evolving and you need solutions that keep up with the changing times.  To that end…WittFitt and Safco are passionate about bringing active, mobile products to enhance every space in your school! Educational Spaces Witfitt Products Flexible Seating

How was WittFitt Founded?

It all started in Lisa’s 6th grade classroom in Ft Collins, CO when she decided that her kids simply needed to MOVE.  She started a program, she named WittFitt, to help her students be more active during the day.  This grew into the use of stability balls as chairs which added even more dynamic activity […]